Easier placement Reflection Capture spheres.

Just like holding down “L” and Left Mouse Click for placing lights… but for Reflection Captures spheres. (possible with offset for player height?)
What more do I need to say :slight_smile:

Unless I really didnt notice a function like that, and in that case… slap me with a trout!

I thought heuristic (smart automatic) placement was somewhere in the roadmap or etc?

I am still asleep and misread the title. I read “easter placement easteregss” and got so excited cause i thought the engine had a little easter egg that on easter your actors will have billboards of tiny easter eggs as opposed to the dragon face.

Hi Luos,

Thank you for the feedback. I have entered this as a Feature Request in our tracking software. Our developers will be taking it under consideration.



TIL you can add lights holding L…
Any other tips? :smiley: