Ease function result incompatible with reroute node

Branch: Binary

Build version: 4.6.0 - 1269412

Result of an Ease function is incompatible with wildcard reroute nodes. This means you can’t create a reroute node from function, or attach it to a pre-existing wildcard reroute node. Dragging off result and selecting ‘Add Reroute Node’ just creates an empty wildcard reroute node. Trying to connect it results in a “Pin type not supported by function” message.

You get same bug whether you have already set Ease Result type by supplying a value to A/B inputs or left it at default wildcard output.


  1. Add Ease function.
  2. Drag from result.
  3. Select ‘Add Reroute Node’.
  4. An unconnected wildcard reroute node
    is created.

  1. Add Ease function
  2. Connect an input value to A or B
  3. Drag from result.
  4. Select ‘Add Reroute Node’.
  5. An unconnected wildcard reroute node
    is created.

Frequency: 100%. I tried using floats, rotators, and transforms, and all resulted in same bug.

Expected behavior

A reroute node should be created, set to appropriate result type or wildcard, and wire should be connected. This is how Select works, but it suffers from a different bug which I will reference here: Blueprint wildcard reroute nodes do not update types

Additional notes
You can still use reroute nodes with Ease function, it just requires you to create them from input end of your destination so that type matches Result output.


Thanks for another detailed report! I was able to reproduce this issue and have created a bug report for developers [UE-6339]. I’ll let you know when I see any update. Thanks for detailing a workaround!