Earthlight [Oculus / Kinect 4 Unreal]

Earthlight is a first-person exploration game where the players steps into the shoes of an astronaut on the International Space Station (ISS) where, from 431 kilometres above, they look down on the Earth from within the comfort of their own spacesuit.

Featuring the most realistic depiction of the International Space Station used in an interactive VR setting to-date, Earthlight demonstrates the very limits of what is visually achievable in consumer-oriented VR experiences.

In Earthlight, players interact with the environment entirely through a natural motion interface, pushing and pulling themselves along the surface of the ISS as they navigate a network of handles and scaffolds.
The player’s motion is captured through a Microsoft Kinect 2 and powered by the company’s Kinect 4 Unreal technology.

Earthlight will be available at the Opaque Multimedia booth at GDC 2015, with a public release to follow.

looks amazing. are you using FXAA? i’ve never done any vr stuff, is there a reason there is a bit of flickering?

The flickering is caused by the sub-pixel artifacts on the really narrow truss structures of the primary solar array.

The temporal AA does seem to make it worse and we do use FXAA in VR mode, but temporal AA do make other things look better normally, so that’s what we went with.

We have a few idea as to how we might fix it and it’s pretty high on our priority list.

On the plus side:

This looks really cool. I’m looking forward to checking it out at GDC.

Keep it up! This game looks visually intense and has a lot of important elements about space you seem to have captured well!

Wanted to do exactly something like this some time ago… You’re awesome!!! Keep it up, post updates, it looks beatiful!

Wow…Simply WOW. I cannot wait to see this game

This looks awesome! It’s like my childhood dreams came true, haha

Anyone attending GDC can get the worlds first look at the game by dropping by our booth (1041), right next to epic.

Looks impressive. Nice music selection by the way. Very ambient.

Very impressive, looks awesome !

Awesome, Don’t be surprised if you get a call from NASA.

This is looking amazing! I cannot wait to play this!

We were surprised when someone from NASA found us on reddit. So the email we got was less of a surprise (the time difference makes calls difficult).