EarthBound 64 HD

15 years have been passed away since most famous Shigesato Itoi jRPG EarthBound 64.I’m trying to revive prototype of MOTHER 3 2D in MOTHER 3 3D with much better graphics than N64 version.I’m looking for story writers,map designers,programmers,3d artists,character designers and sound composers.,width=235,height=235,appearanceId=1/Make-Game-Button.jpg&sa=X&ei=LS5PVfihBIKsUdmYgYAI&ved=0CAkQ8wc&usg=AFQjCNHFEgt4JTHg_DdtbiRoyP909O2Hcw

I guess your post would better fit the Got Skills, Looking for Talent sub forum.

If you post there, please add more information to your post. I don’t think you would find people
without showing something. Show the old game and what you already have. Talk more about
how the people you are searching get paid or if they even get paid.

Please also add information about PAID/UNPAID etc in the Thread title of your “Looking for Talent” post.
You can use the new prefixes for that.

I’ve seen a couple of these posts come up lately and I was certain your level of language as well as your requests (that are based on the most crude material I’ve ever seen) seemed familiar. After looking through your posts, sure enough all those posts were the same person, you.

I believe on the valve forums, they strongly discourage the formula ‘I have a great idea, can I have <list of every speciality> join me and make my game’ and I believe they go as far as locking the threads as soon as they are detected.

In your case, I strongly and sincerely encourage you to stick to playing those old games you like and to not waste any more of your time recreating them. You are going to spend decades trying to recreate something and it will never be completed nor does it appear as though you have the skillsets to produce quality work that would even make your version of the game as graphically complete as the original (which is an amazing under-achievement to accomplish when you have unreal engine). I come to this conclusion based on several factors…

Here is a hint of what your capabilities are, from your posts of what you were working on:

Additionally, you appear to have a very minimal understanding on how games are made, I come to this conclusion from your harry potter inquiry where you were trying to load an entire game from disk into the game engine to ‘modernize’.

A final point is that at no point does it even hint that you are using unreal engine 4…

I find great inspiration on these forums seeing what talented people are producing, but I do feel these kinds of requests/threads should be closed and the author warned.

As already mentioned, if you’re strictly looking for more people to join a team you should fashion a post in the “Got skills? Looking for Talent?” forum, and take some time to flesh out the post. Additionally you should consider that you will be investing a lot of work into this project which is a remake of someone else’s work (and Nintendo is very protective of it’s IPs). You should consider maybe creating a “spiritual successor” or game that pays homage to it. That way you get to still appreciate the game you have a passion for, but still call it your own!

This post is overly negative. I don’t think anyone should be discouraged from creating, regardless of current skill level (how else will you get better?). I find great inspiration on these forums, but these kinds of negative posts should be deleted and the author warned.

You are not the person to decide if one takes 2 years to create a game or 60 years. You are not the person to encourage someone to NOT do something no matter their skill level is in your eyes.

This post could be this: “I got 20.000 dollars. I want people to create game for me.” But that doesn’t give you the rights to comment about his level, his posts and what not.

Before such threads like this, I do feel these kinds of posts should not only be deleted, but also user needs to banned for quite a long time.

Blindeh, Archilleon, you are both probably right that my post was over-critical.
Although the original poster appears misguided (posting for help in a works-in-progress forum, or about UDK in an unreal engine forum), I am not obligated to post my discouragement.

I think its a bit over-reacting though to turn around and suggest I be banned for pointing out my concern for the scopes of his projects. I was clear and clean in language, I did some research to avoid erroneous conclusions and gave a best-insight response. With that said, I agree that I am not obligated to nor entitled to ‘give reality checks’ to people who may or may not be as technical as other people. I should have reduced the amount of dialogue in my post to change it from a semi-rant to a short to-the-point paragraph which I think would have come off less harsh.

This quote however is an example of an erroneous conclusion. He’s shown us his 3d modelling abilities, has hinted at his programming abilities (things I cited) and has revealed his target scope(a better version of Earthbound 64). It is reasonable to estimate the years of hard work he will require. In summary, I would say both of your tones are more hostile and direct than mine was, they however were caused by my own directness to the original poster. I will focus on my future dialogue to be more summarized and friendly in tone.

I think that it is a cool idea. EarthBound definitely has its fan base and many of the features used to build this project could be sold on the Market place. Though I don’t know how copyrights would feel about Earthbound Mother 3?

Yes! I knew I was not the only one who had this idea! (Even though I called it Mother 3D) but I’ll help any way I can!
Also to find some more help we should (after we get a working demo) ask some people on and the earthbound forums. So yes! Superdan joins the project!

EarthBound 64 Reboot

That’s first video which introduces you one of basic trailer scenes have seen in MOTHER 3:The Fall of Pig King.
While you wait for the next update, I hope you enjoy it.

If you want to see more of this, please let me know in the comments below.

Please don’t create multiple threads. Stick to one and update it. (:

Sure thing.

Just a wild file? (: Would you might adding information to this? Otherwise i doubt that someone will download this.

Well that’s Osohe Castle map which I’m working on.If you’d like I can send you a screenshot?

Who wrote and abandon this blog?
Anyways I’ll change tactic for Osohe Castle using Erik’s Ross methods for sm64 peach castle map.