Earnest request for integration of PhysX 3.4!

Hi guys,

I would like to pitch in my earnest request for UE to seriously consider integration of PhysX 3.4(when it becomes available of course).
This is because I develop physics-based games(for use in educational gaming workshops), whose game-play is ***utterly ***reliant on the very features provided by Flex(fluids, deformables, dynamic fracturing etc).
I’ll definitely drop all consideration for other game engines and commit to UE should it support complete integration with Flex!

Melvin Eng,
Workshop Foundry.

i agree the current physx is really bad, dont know what they did to it since earlier versions.
to my understanding the next one is due sometime mid 2015, but it would be awesome if the full sdk was integrated, including fluids and soft body for example.

I would agree with you Melvin that there is some cool tech coming from Nvidia. This has been discussed numerous times before on the forums (I will link some of the threads below), however, as with their previous tech aside from PhysX Destruction and Apex Cloth, unless it’s available in an agnostic form meaning it is not limited to one particular brand of graphics cards.

The framework is in place for this to be integrated, but there is not a simple switch that can be flipped to turn it on and off.

You can find more information about Nvidia GameWorks at this link:

Also, to note that with each update of PhysX and Apex that is released the engine has been integrated. The most recent (PhysX 3.3.2 and Apex 1.3.2) will be integrated soon.

There is nothing stopping you from registering with Nvidia and trying this tech out for yourselves. :slight_smile:

Forums post with regards to Nvidia Flex: James Golding speaks directly about integration into UE4 and that if it’s possible to do it in a cross-platform way it’s a possibility, but not a promise.

Forums post with regards to Nvidia Hairworks: James G once again points out that there needs to be a cross-platform method.
Forums post about Nvidia GameWorks as a whole: James G said the following:

The biggest thing here as these post have shown is that it be available in a cross-platform manner. This doesn’t rule out things for the future either. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the heads-up…what a quick and informative response I must say :slight_smile: