Early Z pass fixed in 4.23 but not in 4.22

Hey guys, I’m really desperate here,

My client is using ZeroDensity so they are using an older Unreal verson (4.22) and I have a project that uses a massive amount of foliage. The scene runs fine with later versions of unreal but not 4.22 and I simply cannot simplify the scene as it’s already optimised to the max. After searching a lot it seems the Early Z pass setting doesn’t work in this exact version of the engine. I know the issue is fixed in 4.23 but I’m really stuck here, no chance on the client to update to later versions.

Thanks a lot for the help and I hope we can figure something out!!

Hey, you can try to use a source-built 4.22 and incorporate the fix from 4.23. It’s not comfortable, but you won’t need to modify anything in the project at least. Sadly, UE4 has no LTS releases, so whatever bug is fixed in a version, it’s never going to be propagated downstreams.

Thank you! Sorry for the late reply I just saw this. I convinced the team to upgrade to 4.23 so all is good thankfully. Still a shame there isn’t a more practical solution