Early look at a python program to stream/record facial animation with Unreal and OSC

Hi everyone!

I’ve been slowly putting together a program that uses landmark tracking and decomposition to stream morph targets into UE4. It’s still early days but if anyone has the time and wants to help put it through it’s paces you’d be more than welcome to download and take it for a spin! Just be warned this is some genuinely early stuff. The source python files or an executable for windows 10 can be found at GitHub - rwsarmstrong/strongtrack: A python tool with facial landmark annotation and coefficient finder along with download links for an example Unreal project (4.25 and above).

Unreal is being used for visualisation at present since sequence recorder can’t do morph target recording (unless I’m mistaken). Morph targets can instead be exported as plain text for import into programs such as blender (example file also linked at github).

Sadly, eyes and eyebrows aren’t in this release but should be coming shortly; it’s the first time I’ve tried putting something together that’s going to be used by others so I’m just having to strike a balance between functionality and usability.

Thanks so much!