Early access finally released!

After a long and challenging solo dev effort, I’ve just release the early access of my title: Subsistence.

You can see the store page here:

Checkout the trailer to see many of the systems i’ve built out in the game.

I thought some of your guys would be interested to know, given that many of you have helped me immensely over the last couple of years. Thanks so much for all the help!

Dude…I cant stop smiling :wink:
If done right with time you will have a good ammount of players and just keep on expanding this like rust.Keep going and dont look back!


With the inevitable comparison to Rust coming up, Are there key differences / distinctions we should know about?
Overall congrats dude! Its usually interesting to read the story behind a game, what inspired you to make this etc?

The map looks great, the illumination, the foliage, very good. Good luck in Steam.

Epic helps with some promotion for UDK indie projects?

Thanks for the kind words guys.
@CobaltUDK. They helped by retweeting my EA release tweet. So not much more than that. Mainly I’ve relied on word of mouth, or rather YouTubers that have been helping me test the game in closed alpha over the last year. I’ve found the best way to work through bugs is just to sit and watch people play. So if you can find YouTubers that are into the genre you are creating, that want to be involved in it’s continued development, then that is invaluable.

wow.waited a long time to see what you’ve been doing.and it was worth it.

are the menus flash?

looking great, congratulations!
so nice to see one of the last UDK projects start to see the light of day :slight_smile:

how did you get it up on steam?

(following you on twitter now btw)

Coldscooter, congratulations! It looks great. Any idea how much longer you plan to keep it in early access? Is there anything you can tell us about how sales have been?

Loud be interesting to know first hand +/- if the info on users who own the game (steamspy info)is similar/close to your stats.Always wandered if that page can display correct info for making stats of which game types are most prefered by the players.

Dont need to answer if its too personal :wink: