Early Access 3 (EA3) Release?

I doubt anyone from Epic will answer as they don’t seem to be very active on the forums but does anyone else happen to know when Early Access 3 for UE5.0 might be released.

There have been so many issues with UE5 EA2 that I have all but given up on it and although I have downloaded and compiled the monstrosity that is UE5 Source from GitHub it is too much maintenance.

I am desperatley hoping that Early Access 3 is just around the corner. It feels like a lifetime and sooo many complaints about EA2 that I was hopeful 1st of September might have seen EA3 released in the launcher :frowning: but alas… nope.

Anyone have any insider news LOL… please…


Looking forward to any info about this as well. Would be nice if the UE5 devs put some info out. We haven’t heard from them in a while. Hope all is going well.

From what I understand it’s not planned, the next version should be the final one, but do we have an idea on the release date?

I don’t know if they plan a EA3 release, or not. But they said, that they don’t want to do many Early Access releases and focus on main release. Last known UE5.0 release date is planned for Spring 2022.
Although I would guess that UE5 is continuously in a worse state than Epic expected it to be.
At least it seems unlikely to me that they expected still so much work left to do, till a Spring 2022 release right now.
So just like there was a crazy delay with the first preview (now early access) release, I would expect at least some delay for the 5.0 version at this stage. Happy to be proven wrong ofc.

Yea it’s Early Access its going to have issues. I don’t think you should be relying desperately on an early access build
To me EA5 has been surprisingly stable for a preview


Agreed. Actually personally for a while my experiences with UE5 were basically just as stable as UE4. Something along the line changed with my project and it started causing crashes way more often but i think that might have been a memory issue. Regardless from what i experienced none of it really felt “experimental”, per se. So i get that there is a lot of bugs to sort out but honestly i’d much rather them be patching it up in 5.01 rather than EA3 so we can finally get official plugin support.

Idea: EPIC could make buildbot that builds weekly and compresses builds with .7z to save everyone bandwidth, including EPICs itself(without starter content, documentation, ddc, FeaturePacks).


It would be ridiculous not to provide EA3 or EA4. in my opinion there are always other bugs. It would be unwise to release the final version in 2022 and when it comes out lots of people discover big bugs. Also for us developer we are stuck and cannot develop with a version that has as many bugs as this.


I’d imagine there has to be a new preview soon. It’s been a good while since EA2 now and the Github version of UE5 has never worked for me but has been very active.

You can download engine sources an build fresh UE5 for yourself at any time.


there’s many branchs out there, how do I know the lastest rev of the source code ? there’s main, build, core, staging etc… it’s completely a mess.

Hi @tomy300,
I have made a post about using VS2022, in my latest version fork.
You can still use VS 2019 if you need to
Visual Studio 2022 RC 2 builds and runs UE5.0

I guess you can try a 5.0 branch - this one has a nice name.
And if you want to examine which branch has latest changes you always can do

git fetch
git log origin/branch-name

Yes it is right build ue5 is definitely a nice avenue for who have the desire to always be on the edge of the dev.
But there is so many possibility the current state of the branch are broken or broke something else.
For example, currently since a week it is chaos vehicle are broken on both 5.0 and ue5-main.

Don’t get me wrong, i have nothing against building UE5, i do it and is ok, but it is not reliable for any real feature investigation on medium term.

On my point of view, the preview (EA3 and so on) even if is time consuming for them, it is a sort of stable step for the users being able to wait properly for the next and provide more reliable feature report etc…

Nope, Early Access isn’t actually a good reference point to report any issues at this point. It’s more than half a year old. It’s more like a tech demo, so studios can rethink their strategy in the coming years.

I guess, we gonna get regular 5.0 Previews like with any other UE4 release, so anybody could try it out, report issues, update it after a week.
Early Access isn’t an actual Preview release, it’s more like early tech demo :slight_smile:

Yes you right,
Sorry for keeping the Early Access tag in my talk.
In fact, the current Early Access look like frozone in time.
And if this is it, well yes, it will be need to go in the Preview cycle.

Early Acces or Preview the name is not that important, is more the step by step iteration before the final release version wich make a sens.

Building the 5.0 or ue5_main it is completely different purpose because this can add or remove anything and just broke at anytime.
Othewise the Preview approch allow to have an evolutive road of testintg and reporting on a more reliable version.

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I don’t understand the difference between a EA3 and a UE5 official besides the fact that plugin support would then finally be enabled