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  • Description -

The Eagle of the Oasis, the Reality Gun of Water and Ice. Passed through time and Space, this Desert Eagle has been the weapon chosen by many fated heroes. with it, they can control water at will, freezing or melting it by thought. It’s bullets are made from glacial ice, hard as diamonds, able to chip into, or freeze, anything.

It occupies the same plane of existence as the Planeswalker, the Electric Vector, and the Space Treader. They exist in a small group of megaweapons that attract and repel each other’s energy.

  • Downloads -

V1 - Eagle_Of_The_OasisV1.robo

  • Patch Notes -

V1 - Version 1 is the release version! Shoot ice pellets of death!

V2R - Eagle_Of_The_Oasis_RebirthV2.3.robo

- Patch Notes -

V2R - Version 2 Rebirth! Recreated the mod due to an export error. Now has the ice pellets and blue bullet trails! blue flash FX coming next!

VR2.5 - Eagle_Of_The_Oasis_RebirthV2.5.robo

- Patch Notes -

VR2.5 - Rebirth Version 2.5! Muzzle flash is now a cool, icy blue!

VR3 - Eagle_Of_The_Oasis_RebirthV3.robo

- Patch Notes -

VR3 - Rebirth Version 3! Bullet model has been replaced by an icicle! bullet shells are half an icicle!

Note - for some reason v3 is about 78 less mb in size than version 2.5. Not sure why, on my end it still works fine, even installing from scratch.