Each user possesing a different pawn through Pixel Streaming?

Hi all,

Please, I would want to ask you for help: I can try detecting every connected user to a single Pixel Streamed session, so the first player will control the pawn for Player 0, the second connected user will control the Player 1, etc… Currently, the Pixel Streming system is already detecting how many players there are, as you have the button to “kick all rest of players”, but I would want to assing to each one an individual pawn or player controller ID. Do you know if it can be possible and/or how?

Thank you and best regards!

I have the same question. And it looks like this can’t be done via Pixel Streaming. If someone knows how to do this with other plugins, please write about it.

I am trying to figure this out as well. I tried having 2x player starts in the project in hopes that might do the trick but no dice, I’m sure I’m missing something but it would be cool to learn how to do this if it is possible.