e57 to mesh not working


I am able to ingest e57 files, they align perfectly, however when I go to create a Mesh and texture I lose all color and the project is unusable. Has anyone experienced this or have a fix for the problem I am running into?

Thank you,

Hi Kris, what kind of laser scanner did you use?

How many scans did you use? What settings did you use on reconstruction? When you say unusable can you describe that further and maybe provide some images?

We took 2 scans with a RTC Leica scanner, they were able to export as e57 and PTX both come into RC and align perfectly but as mentioned when I go to mesh and texturing it is unusable. I used all default settings to import and for making the model, a downscale of 8. The software says it has too many triangles to view properly but that has never caused us issues in the past. Could that be the problem? Granted we want to use RC for a larger project and if we can’t even view 2 scans this will not work great for us. I included an image of the textured mesh, as you can see it just assigned random colors to random areas, which is not what it looks like in the point cloud version.


Texturing from point cloud photos is always going to be pretty bad ime.  I’m not sure why you are getting such bad results when you exported the e57 were they at full resolution? I’d be happy to take a look at this with you directly  if you’re interested please email me


dustin at luxpoint.io