What did you like about E3? What are you excited for? Who do you think took E3 this year?

There’s a lot of games to be excited about that are coming this year, Gears of War 4, Dishonored 2, The Last Guardian, FFVX, Titanfall 2 looks pretty good too. But I am disappointed in EA, I thought we’d see a lot more of Mass Effect Andromeda, and they might as well have not shown anything for Star Wars because they really didn’t have anything to show.

Nintendo honestly killed it with the new Zelda title. They may not have shown much but it generated a lot of buzz and positive discussion among Zelda fans, which means they did their job extremely well and then some.

Aside from that, God of War set in Norse mythology? Yes please, Sony Santa Monica.

EA’s conference was a complete waste of time - the only thing of significance they showed was the new FIFA story mode. Microsoft’s conference was fairly weak - they had a lot of games on show, but they didn’t all look too great (Forza Horizon 3 and Sea of Thieves looked fantastic), for example Gears of War 4 was just extremely disappointing and showed a distinct lack of polish.

Sony’s conference grabbed the most attention for me, I think. They had a lot on show, and a broad variety of projects. Most of those projects looked like they were going to be solid.

Though I think most of the Xbox games are coming before the end of the year, and most of the PS4 games were teasers

Personally I thought Ubisoft showcase was the weakest. To me it seemed more like a talk show than actually showing games. I was excited during EA’s because of Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2. Xbox wasn’t very strong either, only game I got excited for was State of Decay 2, so hoping Undead Labs makes it co-op. But the game that made me jump the most was The Legend of Zelda. I have been a fan for that all my life and seeing what they did with this one is just awesome!!! But some games shown at E3 I am a little scared to see if they’re worth buying.

Battlefield 1 wasn’t shown during EA’s conference except for the short trailer (there was a separate event outside of the main E3 conference for that).

That just makes it worse. If they’re coming out soon, I’d want them to look more polished than the ones that aren’t due out for another 18 months.

Is it me or does GOW4 look outdated graphically?

I think it looks awesome, characters especially, not really realistic but still awesome.

It looks ****ing terrible if you look at the actual gameplay rather than bullshots:

Is that the multiplayer? Multiplayer very often looks worse than the single player

Yes, the developers said it themselves. The graphics were “dumbed down” to achieve a steady 60fps for multiplayer, single player looks way better but runs at 30fps on XB1.

The singleplayer demo on stage at E3 didn’t look much better; the lighting was improved in some cases, but everything else was still pretty lacking.

I was looking For open world Superman game that used Unreal Engine 3.

i expect world of warcraft new patch


PlanetSide2 massive multiplayer game that can easily go 100x100 at any time. (now even for consoles)

Not even a new game…

And what? The number of players online is not what we’re talking about. The screenshots were from multiplayer, which in most games is downgraded to maintain a high framerate.

I mean 200 players in viewing range.

That still has nothing to do with the topic

Sticking to the topic, we both agree then about GOW looking outdated and that the multiplayer excuse doesn’t hold up.