E06 - Anomaly

Hello everyone,

my name is Adrian and I love to develop video games.
Today I want to introduce you to my first work.

It’s called E06 - Anomaly and it is a puzzle shooter.
Equipped with a bow and different types of arrows, you must solve puzzles as well as fight for your survival.
Your ammo is also your life. Since the arrows are also important for solving the puzzles, you must always think about how to use them best.

In the future, I would like to publish more small projects and improve my skills from project to project.
Next, I want to greatly improve my knowledge of sound, animation and level design.
My philosophy is to sell finished products without DLC or microtransactions for a small price.

If you want to play here the link to Steam: E06-Anomaly on Steam
I hope you have fun that would be most important to me :slight_smile:
If you find BUGS it would be great to report it to I will try to fix it asap.

Best regards from Germany
Aro Games