"E" to open the door

Hello everyone! I started new blank level, created blueprint for the first person character and set the main keyboard bindings in the input. Do i have to set the “Interact” or “Action” button “E”? Because i’ve made the door and the door opening blueprint with pressing “E” button and it works but only if i press E button twice when i hit Play. How can i make it open with just instantly pressing E button once? Does it happen because i didn’t set the Interact action in the Pawn Blueprint like moving forward, moving right etc…? And if so, i don’t know how to set this action. Could you help me?

Google for “unreal door tutorial”,
or post pictures of your setup.

8148798d230b5c73d701603f1bd1470b2276e275.jpeg Here’s my door setup. As i mentioned, it works but i don’t understand why it opens for the first time only when i press interact button twice. Seems like it gets applied by Unreal or something for the first time.

The only thing I can think of is that your IsClosed boolean has the wrong default value, so you’re setting it to true on the first key press, which lets you open the door on the second key press.