E-Sports Project Urgent and FUN

Hello Programmers,

I am a designer and 3d content creator. I have a game underway using the Generic Shooter Platform as my base. The game is going to be a team based sports game that will have goals and a player that has a magnet (think gravity gun kind of) to attract the ball. What I need is a developer or blueprint guru to create for me two things.

The logic to setup the goal / points system as a game mode. There are 3 goals for each team and the points from these goals vary. Ideally I would like to integrate the score into the UI but I can do that if it is a hassle.

The very most important thing is the magnet feature of the player. Let me explain exactly how the magnet should work.

Player would attract ball with his magnet by holding right click. If player were range of possible lock on say 10 ft. Then the ball would start to roll towards player slowly lets say ten feet would take 2-3 seconds for that ball to reach the player. Once the ball reached the player the ball would be attached to a physics handle most likely until that ball is either released by the player stopping holding right click.

A side note about this would be that other players in the game can also attract the ball and the closer the player is the more likely they would we awarded the attachment of the gameball to their physics handle. It is important that the ball has the ability to read out multiple calls for attraction and pick the one of closest proximity since the game is heavily based around this being solid. There are a few gravity guns out there that have been done but these do not work for me so this would be built from scratch and not using the few examples out there.

I would want the ball centered on the players gun that I have setup so if you have a better idea than physics handle we can just attach it to the socket once the ball is within a couple feet from the player.

Please Message me what kind of price you would charge for creation of such functionality. I have high level 3d skills and this is a very simple game that will be released since the goals and the magnet feature are the only ones that need to be created to really finish this game. I would also be willing to do a payment plus some kind of stake in the game if I can find the right person.