E-Mail Notification Function with C++

Hello! Is it possible to create an e-mail notification function with C++ that prints a string to the screen when you have received an e-mail?

Yes, this is possible.

You will have to find a POP or IMAP client library, and compile it into the game, and then call it to figure out whether there’s new email.

I would rate this as “intermediate difficulty” – if you’re new to C++, it’d be hard.

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Do you have any good general guides for compiling such libraries into an unreal project?
I rate myself as intermediate but I’ve never known the “proper” way to do that.

Assuming you already have proper versions of Visual Studio 2019 and Windows SDK and so on installed:

Go to Plugins:


Click New Plugin:


Select the template for “use third party library.”

You can then look through the build .cs files in the generated visual studio project folders to see how you can reference a plugin in the main project, and reference a third party library in the project for that plugin.
More info here:

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Oh that’s amazing - Thank you so much!