E-Development - Concepting, storytelling and inspiration

Hello there,

I am a 24-year old businessman/consultant from the Netherlands.
Originally I was trained as a social/legal worker. Today I own a business in web-development, blogging and online marketing. I have also assisted many other young entrepeneurs to start up their businesses. I did this as a consultant, coach and inspirator. I have always had a great passion for games and a very creative mind. I am very experienced for my age and I am professional.

Over the years I have developed many ideas, stories and full (textual) game concept plans as a hobby. I am simply looking for a dedicated team/corporation that is looking for inspiration or organized game concepts, story boarding/telling or custom dialogues. Let’s be clear: I do not need to make a living here, I’m simply doing this as a hobby.

In short, if your team is struggling to find the right ideas or guidelines to develop, I am your guy.

If you are interested, you can contact me by e-mail:

I require the following details:

  • A description of what you need
  • Size of your team/company and budget for next release (can also be 0,- €/$)
  • Skills/tools you have acquired
  • Countries and platform you develop for
  • Genre in which you seek to develop
  • Any way you wish to support me (I accept royalties, one time payment, or any other way of doing something for my time - get creative).

I will seek to provide a custom solution based on your needs.

Bonus I provide for all my customers:
As I am based within the IT/technical heart of the Netherlands, I have many contacts with other businesses and can get your team in contact with businesses that provide anything you need (web development, legal services, translations, artists, animators, etc.).

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