"Dystopia Simulator" needs level design, any skill level, will provide assets!

[FONT=lucida sans unicode]- PROJECT DYSTOPIA -

Our project aims to create an “Orwellian social survival game” set in a dystopian city of steel and concrete. First person, multiplayer sandbox for the PC with built in local voice chat driving player interactions.
Our team consists of

  • 1 x Programmer/designer
  • 2 x 2D/concept artist
  • 2 x 3D artists
  • 2 x Level designer
  • 2 x Sound designer/musician


  • 1 x Commissar for Urban Development (level designer)
  • 1/2 x Minister of Propaganda (voice acting/video editing)


  • Tile-able, seamless and world-aligned materials are provided, along with a library of building parts, prefab sections, concept art and a small team of artists to cater to your needs. Please note that optimization is a concern, most areas are limited in size, and there are a handful of regulations to fallow to ensure multiplayer runs smoothly.
  • The objective is to create a maze-like, claustrophobic city with very little view of the sky, overshadowed by a dystopian/surreal atmosphere.
  • Fanatical devotion to Brutalist/modernist/industrial style architecture required.


  • Browse internet libraries for ww2 era footage and rearrange them to fit the game’s backstory.
  • Write and/or produce (with potential help from other teammates) propaganda newsreels, loudspeaker announcements, patriotic songs.
  • Dark sense of humor welcome.


  • Create (simple!!!) vintage style animations/battle maps/backdrops in 3d or 2d.
  • Apply simple visual effects to footage.
  • “Harvest” and rearrange sounds from old footage.


  • Create assets from concept art, or use your own imagination! Low-poly is fine for most assets, no need to texture, except in a few cases where I’ll help.
  • Some assets will need rigging/animating. If you don’t know how, again I can show you the way.
  • You will need to follow some simple regulations about origin points and dimensions of objects to make life easier for level designers.


  • Using Free online tools and libraries, craft quality materials for our level designers to use.
  • Upgrade or discard old materials.
  • Experiment with new materials and visual effects.*

Progress on our project is best described as a series of game jams. You need not always be online and available, and don’t be scared if nobody says a thing on discord for a week.



We’re now also looking for 2d artist.

Found 2d Artist, still looking for environment artist…

Team compos so far

  • 1 x Programmer (BP)
  • 1 x Level Designer
  • 2 x 3d Artists
  • 1 x Concept Artist
  • 1 x Sound Designer
  • 1 x Musician

Still need an environment artist…

Hi Im Henri and Im doing 3-d models and I can also do level desing

My portfolio Contact me gmail : or discord : Henri#2948

Still could use more help with 2D stuff…

All right, 2D roles are filled.
Could still use a bit more help with environments/level design…

I see your 2D roles are filled, though I am looking to quickly advance my skill into 3D if your are accepting someone who is learning. That said I think I may have been born for this role in the 2D area, here is a link to my website:


I am a skilled 3d Artist and have worked on Environment design.
For the past year I have been working on a post-apocalyptic game and now looking for a new project.

I work with Autodesk Maya, Substance painter, Photoshop and Unreal Engine.

I made an 169km2 post-apocalyptc environment with one other designer. This map was played by more than 2 milion players.

Also I am sending some screenshots of the models I worked on in Unreal Engine

Thank you for your time and let me know what you think.

Sent PM

Hi, interesting project!

Do you expect level designers to also create 3d-models, or do you have what is needed to build the levels?
Do you have more info about the project?
Do you still need a level designer?

Some info about me:
I’ve got a background from modding games like Skyrim and Fallout4, where I’ve mostly made dungeons and eerie interiors with pre-made assets. I’m familiar enough with UE4 to build levels and know the basics. I can make simple lowpoly models in Blender, but I’m unsure whether I’d use them for a game, eh. I like the brutalist style though, City 17 from Half Life 2 is one of my favorite game areas.



Hi there!

I sent you a private message.

Best regards,

I dont understand.
Do you want to join our project or Are you offering payed service?


I’m CEO of 4Experience. We deal with Virtual and Augmented Reality products development. If you consider us as suitable candidates for your project, I can gather a dedicated team for your project.

As you can see we are not freelancers, but we value a long-term relationship and transparency on both sides and that is how we build a strong partnership with our clients.

We can arrange a Skype teleconference to talk about your needs.

I’ll send you our graphics portfolio in the private message.
Let me know, what you think.


You didn’t answer the question.
The portfolio is amazing though… is for you

We need interiors…

Hi again,

your project looks interesting and we may join your project but I need to know how you see the cooperation and what you expect from us.
Send me please DM with the details.

Best regards,