Dysnomia (dark adventure/parkour/exploration-prototype)

Hey everyone! I would love to show you my prototype dysnomia! coming from unity3d, this is my first attempt with this awesome engine!
But first, all props to acatalept and orihaus, you guys really inspired me working on the prototype & ryanjon2040 thanks for helping me out with the forced perspective gameplay mechanics!
It’s my intermediate examination (I’m studying at a design school), so all you see is done by one person in just 6 weeks (without touching UE4 before) - so please go easy on me :wink:

Let’s jump in with a little teaser:

In-game shots:












Because of the short period of working-time, I needed to work with alternative 3d-modeling techniques, for example photogrammetry -
3D-reconstruction from multiple images of one object. here are some progress shots:


and the final output in-game:




Finally for this first post, a video showing more of the dysnomia environment:

I will post some gameplay footage & hopefully a playable prototype soon! Cheers!

OK, my work here is done :wink:

This is incredible, please tell me this isn’t just a school project, and you plan to make a finished product.

Looking forward to more!

Welcome to UE4! This definitely has an interesting atmosphere. Looking forward to seeing how this progresses. =)

Will the gameplay mechanics itself be somewhat similiar to Mirror’s Edge? It kind of looks like from the teaser, the way that the camera moves, etc. And just to make it clear, that would be a good thing :slight_smile:

From the visual point of view this looks great. Looking forward to see how will it develop in terms of gameplay.

thanks for your kind words

Don’t worry, I will continue the project ( after a breather, I haven’t slept for 1 month) Right now, it’s just a proof of concept & big playground for me, learning the engine.
Stay tuned \o/

It will be a mix between Mirror’s Edge, quake 3 area movement mechanics ( like the defrag trickjumping mod) & forced perspective puzzles. F.ex. you need to resize a monlith in order to wallrun alongside of it to reach the end.
Beside that, you can air-dash, crouch-slide, wallrun (from one wall to another), doublejump and finally climb up edges ( which is still wip).

That sounds interesting. I am only not sure if you are aware of the fact that you will probably need to learn how to go without sleep for much longer than a month :wink:

don’t worry, I just bought some fine **** fine coffee ;D also, 80% of those movement mechanics already done! \o/

Btw, I’ll be at the a maze festival in berlin at the end of april with my other game-project, but I’ll have the dysnomia prototype with me - so just hit me up if you want to be an early bird game-tester :smiley:

Hey, Awesome project I love parkour and exploration games deffinatly Is a type of game I do not see Much and great work a 1 Man Team cant wait to see where this game goes