Dynamically Transform Sockets?

I’m trying to make a Third Person Shooter, like Jedi Knight.

I made a lightsaber with sockets for the hands, and add the corresponding sockets to the Mannequin, but I want the player to be able to choose to be a righty or a lefty, so they would hold the lightsaber in a different hand depending on their dominant hand.

To do this, I figured I could just replace my “RightHand” and “LeftHand” sockets with “DominantHand” and “OtherHand” (side question: what’s your non-dominant hand called?), but, if the sockets default to a righty setup and the player chooses lefty, I need to swap the transforms of the the “DominantHand” and “OtherHand” sockets at runtime.

Is there a good way to do this in blueprints?

Why dont you create a variable in your player character called “dominantHand” as type string and assign it the name of the socket?
That way you could always attach to the socket by reading the given variable.
In the beginning of the game you can set this variable.

Like this:


(I used a “Hands”) Enum

Well looks good. Hope this works :slight_smile: