Dynamically spawned actors dont collide

In my game you are able to spawn walls in game, problem is that nothing is colliding with these walls. If however they aren’t spawned in game but rather put into the map then it works fine. I’m spawning the same actor and i’ve make all the collisions i can find to block all. I’ve also tried making the root a scene component and make an additional collision mesh (cube) as a child. Ideas?

Hi Netmanx,

Can you show your BP and any relevant setup that you’ve done? Using the Starter Content > Architecture > Wall_500x500 mesh I was able to spawn this as a test and it uses it’s collision. I did not change nay of the collision presets and only have the static mesh use its own collision.

Let me know.


Hi, i’ve added the relevant screen caps, let me know if you need anything else, thank you for replying.

The image links are broken. Can you re-upload them please.

weird, they aren’t broken on my end, let’s try it this way

Using the basics of your setup above I’ve not been able to reproduce this on my end. :confused:

I didn’t use any the branches that you’ve got setup and I applied the BP that spawns via the drop down on the Spawn Actor nodes as well.

When either the scaled cube or the regular cube spawns I have collision with my third person character.

If you have a sample project that you can reproduce this in I can have a look and see if something seems off.

Let me know.


I have it working now thanks. The problem was when i was placing the object the make transform was set to 0, by changing those to 1 it works fine now.