Dynamically spawned actor not scaling correctly on clients

I have an actor I am using as the floor of a randomly generated room. It’s a 200x200x10 slab that gets placed in the center of the room as is then scaled to be the size of the room. The server sees this 100% fine. The clients can walk on the floor as though it was there, although they only see the small 200x200 square in the center of the room.

In a “Run On Server” custom event, I am using the Spawn Actor from Class, selecting my class and passing in the transform (including the scale). To try to fix this, I created a custom multicast event that is passed in the transform and spawns the floor, but the result is the same.

Edit: I have also tried specifying the non-root component of the floor (the root is just a box, the floor slab is a static mesh) and using set world scale 3d, but it seems to have no effect.