Dynamically spawn actor and get/set its mesh and anim blueprint


I would like to get particular actor’s mesh and anim blueprint, destroy it and spawn different blueprint actor with mesh and anims from destroyed actor. I have problem with getting and setting anim blueprint. Here is what I have so far:

Sounds like another golem creation…

Destroy does just what it says, although that may not be your issue. Have you tried it with bypassing that Destroy Actor node? I’m just trying to see if the code after the Destroy Actor would actually execute. Also, your GET array node has an Index of 0, meaning it is only doing the first one it comes to.

Its not another golem creation. Its by far easier. Actor spawns without any problems (I mean node after destroy works well). Destroy also works well. Get with 0 index is intentional. I want to test it for one char (actor) first. The only problem here is I dont know how to get and set anim blueprint for actor