Dynamically set geometry collection Chaos Physics values

Hi guys. I’m new to unreal engine and am trying to create a building system. I have a build_master blueprint and I use that for most of the building. Right now I’m trying to make the buildings destructible. I have used the Chaos system for destruction and have created a geometry collection for each destructible asset. My question is that when I destroy an actor, I set the visibility and collision to none and then add a geometry collection component but I don’t know how to set the geometry collection component to the selected asset’s geometry collection.

Also please let me know if there is a better solution to this problem. Thanks.


I have the same problem


Same here.


Exact same Problem here. Cant find a Option to change the Collection

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Any solution? I am on the same exact boat as you are

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I set up something similar I attempted to use the “set rest collection node” which works if you set it manually from the “add geometry collection component node”?
but as I want to use a geometry collection pulled from the structure BP so I can change the mesh dynamically which is what it looks like you are attempting as well.
anyway when pulling from the “Buildable mesh” data or structure_BP to the “set rest collection node” the mesh or collection never appears., confusing part is that when I pull a string command at the same spot it returns the correct asset name so not sure what i’m doing wrong yet.
did you ever find a solution to this problem?


I have the same problem “set rest collection node” doesnt make the destructible mesh visible when using the “add geometry collection component node”

I’m also interested in knowing.