Dynamically Set Buff Values

I have a custom buff based off the Focal Chilli Buff

However, I cannot simply set the “Character Status Value Modifiers” in the defaults - I need to set one of them (Damage Multiplier Amount To Add) dynamically via a calculation, which looks at the specific dino involved etc

Ive tried the following approach:

  • call a function from the Event Begin Play
  • the function loops through Character Status Value Modifiers array, and calls SetMembersInDamagePrimalCharacterStatusValueModifier and sets the node in question based from the formula
  • however, testing shows that this value remains as per defaults, it is not being set by my function

how would I go about setting these values dynamically?

Make sure to check “BP Adjust Status Value Modification” in the defaults tab. If that doesn’t work. Try making a custom event which is set to “run on server”.

Thank you @dreyn74

I decided to ignore the built in buff effects that use the defaults, and instead used a custom logic from the “Event Begin Play”. It seems to work correctly, pending some proper testing.