Dynamically load BP resource created outside the current project.

I have an custom C++ base class, containing all the methods and properties I need to use in the game, some of the methods are blueprint implementable.

And my teammates are creating blueprints inherited from the Base class and implement some of the methods by themselves.

Now, this works just fine because I can get all the BP and additional resources they added, then re-pack the project.

But I have to re-pack the project whenever BP are updated or new BP is created.(No code change is need and I will control these BP instance via the C++ base class methods.)

Now, I have no idea how many blueprints they will create and how they will implement the functions in their blueprint.

My questions is, ** Is it possible that BP can be added from outside and be dynamically load into the game? So that BP update could be covered just by adding or replacing the BP and related resources in that specific folder(after package).**

Did I describe the question clearly? Or the answer is too simple or too easy to find?
Could someone give me a hint please?

Sounds like you’re talking about applying a patch?
I know that it is on the roadmap but it is on the backlog atm; Trello