Dynamically lit marketplace Lightroom!

Ok, just to test stuff and see what could be achieved with 4.5 in terms of dynamic lighting, here’s Koola’s very impressive lightroom, all dynamic, no lightmaps, DFAO, tweaked SSAO, DFRS and LPV! All other settings are the same as Koola’s
It’s not that bad, but it kind of works here only thanks to the simplicity of the scene. Here you go:

Materials are doing most of the stuff.
Good times!

I was trying this myself with DFAO and DFRS with the example content scenes, they are definitely best suited for mostly outdoor scenes, and they don’t work with landscape. So the best 2 scenes I found to test it on was the blueprint example scene and the shooter map, but both of those had their own issues, not being designed for DFAO and DFRS. I’ll have to do my own scenes to really get a taste for it.

I changed the mobile temple to be fully dynamic with DFAO and RTDFS and it worked just like a charm and looks awesome! Can share some screens when I am at home again if you would like to see them^^

Cheers :slight_smile:

PS: I also tried the Lightroom from Koola, but DFAO is very ugly in a clean scene like that (look at the walls and corners where it kicks in and looks like some weird marmorized shadow artifact). So I guess its just not ready yet for very clean scenes.

Very Cool! What kind of framerates are you getting with all those features enabled?

Last photo, the wall on the left that his hidden from view, how does that look? :wink: