Dynamically Linked Libraries

Hello All,

I’m new to UE4, and to software development on Windows (I’m coming from pure Linux, autotools, etc.)
It should be noted that I am unable to follow the instructions in Linking Static Libraries Using The Build System. Under “Multi Threaded DLL”, I can’t find “Configuration Properties > C/C++ > Code Generation > Runtime Library”. I’ve got a pitiful 4 options under “Configuration Properties”, and none of them are “C/C++”.
In any case, I’ve decided to just link dynamically, if possible. LuaJIT provides a DLL and headers. How can I get this set up with my project, and once I have it linking at runtime, how do I ensure that users will have LuaJIT installed by the installer for the product?

Solved it.

  1. It seems he meant we should make sure our static library generates a .dll.
  2. My Lua headers were incomplete, and were resulting in a failure to compile assorted UE4 classes (???).
  3. UE4’s build system was finding .dlls from a local Lua 5.1 installation, instead of my purpose-made LuaJIT build (I solved this by moving my .dll into the execution directory)