Dynamically Generated Ropes

Hey guys

So I’ve been working on project that required ropes that have collision, and can simulate physics. I tried out the cable component, but that turned out to be a dead end since it doesn’t affect the objects its anchored to, and also doesn’t have collisions. I ended up making a system that dynamically generates meshes between to anchor points, and creates physics constraints between each generated mesh. Here’s a video of setting it up and simulating it.

I wanted to make a custom inspector button for generating and cleaning ropes, but that turned out to be a whole lot more complicated than I thought it’d be. IDetailCustomization has very little documentation, so I gave up on that pretty quick. The next step for this will probably reducing the collider on the rope to simple boxes, and dynamically generating a new mesh over the rope much like the cable component. The only difference is I would use the constraint actor locations as vertex points to draw the new mesh instead of the particles used in the cable component.

Pretty nifty already.

Wondering if the spline component be setup to add constraints between sections or not…

Very cool!

I see Komodo is trying to implement your work into the Community Ocean Project for nets and such. I’m trying to work on a solution for dock based stuff like boats tied up and slackening/tightening with the waves since our projects are slightly different. Let me know if your willing to share your work, I’d definitly share my work the shame way Komodo is.