Dynamically downloading content for Anroid

Do you plan to add support of dynamically downloading content for Anroid (iOS)? I mean not patch system. I mean possibility to download some assets/content which included in project after installation from Google Play.
For example, we have game that requires 200 mb to download (apk + obb). It would be nice to be able to download main part of game at start (suppose it takes 50 mb). And download game levels separately (remaining 150 mb).
This feature is using in a a lot of mobile apps. And as far as I understand UE4 doesn’t support this now

I’ve approached this by storing pak files on Amazon s3 (using a http downloader).

Haven’t done this on Android but it works on IOS, Mac and PC.

Thanks! But I still have some questions… Android use *.apk and *.obb files. iOS use *.ipa files. How can I split game content to “ipa + pak” files or “obb + apk + pak” files? It package into single *.ipa

You’ll need to look into the plugin packaging system. There is functionality to build packages for different platforms.

The basic approach gives you parallel content folders.

This is all a fairly major technical complication - eased a little if you are on a single platform so make sure you really want to do it before starting on it.

Android may have some platform specific content distribution system, if you can leverage that (especially if linked to their purchasing options) you will save yourself some headaches over using a third party system. My distribution model needed to be platform agnostic and completely in my control hence biting the bullet on Amazon s3 integration, which likely added 3 weeks development time spread across file caching systems, signing the http request, and other fun. You’ll want to allow a decent amount of time just for the unreal packaging side of things too.