Dynamically created components editable in blueprint editor

Is there some fundamental reason why components created procedurally (such as in the construction script) cannot be added to the component list in the blueprint editor, and then easily have their properties edited in the details panel? It works with instances in the level editor, so it’s not clear to me why this can’t be done in the blueprint editor.

I often want to have a C++ declared component property, but to allow the particular subclass to be configured in the editor. The problem with doing this via a TSubclassOf property is that you can’t then edit the properties of the instantiated component. I know this can be achieved by making the component property EditAnywhere and the component subclasses EditInlineNew, but this leads to a non-uniform way of dealing with components in the editor - these components won’t appear in the components list, but in the owning actor’s details panel, with all properties contracted by default.

That is indeed one of the most painfull shortcommings with blueprints.
As I already said in another post, I hope that is being worked on with this here: https://trello.com/c/m8MshQdP/616-blufabs

In the release notes they say:

Lets hope blueprints improve on the construction script side :slight_smile:

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Just saw that this feature has been removed from the road plan :frowning:

As we use nothing but the editor and construction script, that is rather dissapointing.

Indeed :frowning: Im currently putting together a little feedback post on this, but as I want to be specific on a few things, it will take some more writing.


I just had this issue in 2020. Any news on this?
I really need to be able to change the created components via Construction script in different instances in the Editor.


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