Dynamically changing wrinkles, facial normal maps

Hi! With my team we’ve created a tutorial about making dynamic wrinkles in blueprints:


We hope it’s of help to those of you trying to improve your characters!

Bump, this is pretty awesome, ty guys


Good tutorial!

So you are using sockets to control the blending of the morphs?
Could you not use a bone to control that instead, Or is there a difference between sockets and bones in that regard?

hi lussy can u make avideo tutorial for wrinkle map?

Glad I finally saw this!

I’m glad you found the tutorial useful!
At the time of writing, getting the bone’s rotation was problematic and sockets provided a much cleaner solution. I think there are a couple of better methods now in the new UE4 versions, though.
Sorry, we’re more comfortable with writing, as English isn’t our first language :slight_smile: