Dynamically changing mesh topology


Is there any documentation of how implement dynamic meshes in UE4 efficiently?

In OpenGL there are a few ways to do this decently.
The easiest is to use dynamic buffers both for the vertex array as well as the element array, then use glBufferSubData to update the data.
It is also beneficial in some cases to use glMapBuffer / glUnmapBuffer with plain memcpy in between.

Are there any technical limitations i.e. to spaw threads and/or use certain API’s for multi threading? (For example TBB, OpenMP etc)
In TBB it is sometimes beneficial to make use of i.e. thread local storage to improve performance.

We will use c++ with a “dynamic mesh” which means that the topology will change a lot and the vertex data will always change.
Unfortunately the solvers in use are not feasible for GPU implementation yet and in some cases we make use of third party peripherals which offload the CPU.

Thanks for any answer :slight_smile: