Dynamically adding user widgets to a map

Hi. We’re trying to make a very basic minimap. I am aware of the render target one that was created by Rudy Triplett, but we’re trying to save on power, since we’re deploying to mobile, so we’re not doing that. We have a texture as a representation of the level that we’re projecting onto UMG. Here’s the problem:

For the purposes of our game, we need to track actors in the world and access info from them to populate custom user widgets on top of a hopefully robust minimap system. There are more than a few features that we can’t implement because of some limitations:

*zoomable map: There doesn’t seem to be a way to zoom in on an image without updating render translation in real time, not to mention we will have a ton of widgets dynamically spawned so, without a lot of complicated math, this doesn’t seem efficient if even possible.

*Tracking actors on map with user widgets: this all works fine if the image is anchored to the top left. Our designers can’t quite decide how the map should be placed though, but we’re pretty sure we dont’ want it up there. As such, we’re seeing a lot of issues with positioning the user widgets correctly on top of the map, seeing as we have to hard code the offset incurred by the map image’s positioning. If we child the user widgets to the canvas slot of the map, we start seeing some really strange behavior with rendering. We had the best luck childing them to named slots, but since we can’t add named slots dynamically, we would have to create an infinite number of named slots by hand, so that’s out of the question.

UMG is proving very, very difficult to work with to create this feature… Are we just not doing it right? Should we be looking into a third party solution?