Dynamical mesh in blueprint from array of vertex-coordinates of the polygon perimeter in the space?

How to create a mesh containing single polygon in a blueprint, if I only have the vertex-coordinates array (that describes outer perimeter points in space) of this polygon?

You can use the “Procedural Mesh Component” to achieve this. If you haven’t used it before, you can check out this tutorial to understand the workflow:

@Stormrage256 Thank you for the suggestion. I tried to use it before. The main problem is that I need triangles/ui coordinates to use it, and I have only vertices.

You just need the vertices. To get the triangles, you can make a rough drawing of the mesh you want in a paper. If you can name all the vertices in it, then the triangles can be obtained as collections of 3 vertex indices each.

For example in the picture below, the triangles would be (0,2,1), (0,3,2), (0,4,3), (0,5,4), & (0,6,5).

Of course, this is easier when you either have a very simple mesh (like some primitive shape), or a large mesh made up of simple repeating patterns. If you’re trying to make a very complex shape, I’m not sure how feasible this approach is.

@Stormrage256 Thanks, I know how it works. This approach works only with simple shapes. In my case, the shape can be complex, and as I wrote, it is a perimeter (imagine perimeter of a complex shape, let’s say bunny), so it’s not clear which vertices to connect to create the shape. It will be probably needed to create additional support vertices inside the shape. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel if this kind of data exists, then it must be a ready solution somewhere.

This type of data sometimes also comes with holes perimeters inside of a polygon.

I found the “Make VertexAttributesForPolygon” blueprint node, and it receives 3 inputs: “Polygon ID”, “Perimeter Vertex Attribute Lists” and “Vertex Attribute Lists For Each Hole”, and returns “Vertex Attributes for Polygon”.

Looks like this is what I am looking for, but I can’t figure out how to use it and where. I tried to Google an example - nothing.

I never worked with attributes for meshes before. Any ideas?

I have the same problem, create polygon mesh with array location or transfrom. What about your idea?