Dynamic winter shader WIP. Tutorial uploaded soon :)

Hello all,

I am nearly finished putting together my dynamic winter shader in UE4 and writing up the documentation for anyone to take a dig into the techniques and make their own or something similar.

Since the community is making some awesome stuff at the mo with UE4! I thought I’d share my WIP also

Documentation will be uploaded very soon once it’s all done and dusted :slight_smile:

Nice work : )

Very nice. Looking forward to your documentation. Thanks for sharing. =)

looks really cool. looking forward to the docs.

Very nice Sir!
…and Cheers in advance for sharing!

Awesome stuff! Really, this is the kind of stuff I’d like to see in games where a snow storm would hit and the snow would build up in the world in real time…

Hello peoples!

Part 1 is complete and uploaded :slight_smile:

You can find it here:

Awesome! Looking for the second part!

I like this a lot. I am trying to get a better grasp on materials and vertex shading like this:

I have realised I have 2 threads open about this. Could get quite confusing. Either one has the link to the tutorial on my website. Sorry for the confusion!

This is cool, also, thanks for the tutorial, much appreciated.

Another VERY useful use for this would be dust build up. Popular now in films and tv series, changing from olden day scene to contemporary ruin and all the clean surfaces become dusty and worn. Vey nice!

Hello! Part 2 is now available, sorry for the epic delay I was in the process of moving countries so it was put on hold for a while.
Part 2 covers the snow and how we can use one blueprint to affect all of our material instances and how we can switch out textures and material properties within our master material

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Hi Benjam901,

I really enjoyed seeing the progressive effects of your snow shader, I look forward to seeing more of what you create!

Hello Adam,

Thanks a lot! I will keep plugging away at UE4 and see what can be achieved :slight_smile: