Dynamic weather documentation

I was digging around looking for weather related tutorials, and saw that this function was apparently in an earlier build of the engine. (Though unpolished according to a UE4 dev) Any plans on bringing the implementation back in the near future? And if not are there any tutorials or documentation in the works regarding weather systems? (i.e. dynamic snow storms, rain, sandstorms, etc.)

Hi SE_JonF,

Do you have a link for this? I’m curious and can reach out and see if this is planned to make a return.

There are some tutorials and things other users have created. I believe someone pointed out that Hourences used a dynamic weather system in his game ‘Solus’. There may be some documentation or video tutorial information on his site regarding this.

Thank you!


Hey Tim,

Here’s the link. I’ll check out the Solus information and see what I can find, thanks. =)