Dynamic Variable range for Default Settings

Hey there,

is it possible to create a Variable that has a Range which adjusts when changing over variables?

So an example to clarify this:

5 Variables summed up should not extend 100.
At the beginning, all 5 are 0. If i now change the value of one of them to 20, the four others
can only be set to 80. And so on. So the Max Value should adjust when one of the is changed.

NOTE: I want this to set default variables in a Blueprint, not at RunTime!

PS: I know about “meta = (ClampMin = “0.0”, ClampMax = “100.0”, UIMin = “0.0”, UIMax = “100.0”)”,
but this is not dynamic, as long as i can’t use a variable for MAX and change it without an object spawned.

I could only imagine that i make this in the OnConstruction Script, but i would like to not spawn the Actor
for setting these values. And also, with the OnConstruction, i would need to set these values for each actor,
instead of just the BP.

There is a function called PostEditChangeProperty(https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/API/Runtime/Engine/GameFramework/AActor/PostEditChangeProperty/index.html) in AActor class. I assume you could create a logic for limiting variables in there. But I haven’t used it so I can’t guarantee it will work. :smiley:

Would be nice to know, if this needs a spawned object :open_mouth:
I will give it i try. Thanks (: