Dynamic values in timeline-keyframes?

Hi there,

similar threads doesnt really solve my problem…

I want to setup a door-preset where i can change the max opening-angle of the door by using an editable variable. So i managed the timeline with a keyframe using a static value of 90deg. But i want this value to get from the variable.

Is there any way to do this?

Thanks a lot!

Rather than having the timeline go from 0-90, have it go from 0-1, and then hook up the alpha of a ‘Lerp’ to the timeline value, the A on the lerp should be 0, the B can be your dynamic value. A lerp is a node that blends between 2 values using the alpha. When the alpha is 0, it will output the A value, when it is .5, it will output the average of A & B, and when the alpha is 1, it will output B.

Probably a bit confusing for someone new, i’ll post some screens in a few hours to show you.

A Screenshot would be great!

Nevertheless i will test that tomorrow… i think i understand what you try to explain me… thank you very much!
I will give a reply if i succeed.

Here are some screenshots:

The timeline should go from 0 to 1 in any amount of time, the length should be how long you want your transition/rotation to take.

The lerp should be hooked up like this, I am just rotating my actor by their pitch in my example, but the Lerp’s ‘Return Value’ will be the rotation you’ll want to use.

Thank you very much, that helps me a lot!

Thank you very much