Dynamic UMG Minimap

Hey everyone I hope you’re having a good day/night today I’m here to share with you my first released product in the market.
It’s a UMG Minimap that allows you to add and track pretty much any actor placed/spawned in the map (Characters, blueprint actors etc), you can use an image texture like an image of you map customized in photoshop for example, or a render target.

Link to the product: Minimap
Here’s an image example:

Check out the product link for more images.

This is a list of some of the features that it has:

  • Supports image textures and render target
  • Rectangular and circular style
  • Can rotate (You can enable/disable)
  • Zoom in and out
  • Can add a World map that displays the entire map (Can drag with mouse and zoom in/out)
  • Can add tooltips to anything you add to the minimap so that when you hover over something it displays the tooltip.
  • Can add a border (Border can rotate with the minimap or not)
  • Change the minimap texture in game
  • Change/Resize/Remove border in game
  • Clicking on the minimap will return the world location
  • Track location and rotation of a character for example
  • Add persistent actors (they always stay on the minimap)
  • Add static actors to the minimap
  • Change the color and size of anything you add to the minimap
  • Add new actors to the minimap in game (can also remove or clear all)
  • Change minimap style in game (Square/Round)

more features will be added very soon, a map example is included with the product that you can check out.

Here’s a quick preview

In depth tutorial

**Quickly adding the minimap to the FPS **template

If you have any questions I’ll be glad to answer them, thank you very much looking forward to your feedback.

Link to the product: Minimap

Looks nice, can I make two minimaps at once ? the second one for a bigger version. Thanks.

Looks nice, any plans to make it available for 4.17 ?

Thanks, yes you can create as many instances as you can.

Can this work with World Composition.

As World Composition uses multiple levels joined up to form a large world map. how would Dynamic UMG Minimap handle these adjoined levels

is it possible to have locations that don’t show on the minimap until you have visited that at least once?

Looks like markers for the World Map and minimap are different. You can not place marker on the world map so it will show on the minimap and opposite. This will confuse people a lot.
Also, there is not marker location tracking on the player main screen (looks like markers are useles here).

I tried to look more into BP and this is probably easiest minimap addon on the market. Adding markers on the World map and minimap was disabled, so you just need to connect pins.
Easy to integrate into project, add persistant actors on the minimap, detect height, add unlimited markers/POIs etc.

Excellent asset, very happy with it so far, and very easy to use and customize. One suggestion I have is maybe having a way to select a non-linear transition from zoom-in max and zoom-out max, which at least for me would be nice to have finer zoom when zoomed in for a big map.