Dynamic text from external device flickers in HUD

Hi I’m bringing dynamic text into a HUD from an Arduino device.
The setup works but the display flickers.
Is there anyway that my blueprint could be adjusted to make the dynamic text more stable and less jumpy ? Would a delay node help ?bpm.png

First use UMG, it can handle your events better. I guess your problem is in that branch gate, it displays hud only if text to float gives less than 70. So your hud flickers.

For the UMG thingy:

  • watch some basic umg tutorial
  • read serial and store its value to variable on event umg draw
  • then add border and text widget inside it to the umg
  • bind new function to displayed text in text widget
  • in that function read variable with stored value from serial.
  • bid hud to player viewport (very similar to hud you doing)

PS. HUD class is very simple and unless you using it for some special reasons (like app size on mobiles), it is not recommended to use.

Great - thanks