Dynamic terrain generation?

I’m trying to build some randomized levels. I can do the foliage and random assets as I like, but I’ve no clue how to randomize the landscape itself. I’d like the landscape itself to generate with some perlin noise type function.

Is is possible to generate the landscape dynamically? If so, how is this done?


Is it possible to change the height of vertices at runtime? If so, how is this done?


By default no to the power of no. Especially not with the sorry excuse for a landscape that Unreal sports.

Check @MaximeDupart
He’s been cooking something that allows for procedural landscape generation.
Not sure how it actually works, but it looks awesome…

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Well that’s disappointing to the power of disappointing.

Is it possible to dynamically change the shape of static mesh block? (or geometry brushes?) If so, how is this done?

My random levels don’t need to be that big, so if I can change blocks or brushes, I can still accomplish what I want to accomplish.


Voxels or procedural mesh are the only things that sort of work at runtime.
Neiter are particularly great.

You need your own custom engine designed around procedurally generating things to get to where performance is good and collisions work at runtime…

No joke, unreal is so stupid that you can’t make a “cave” game clone in an hour like with almost all other engines.
Well, ok, you couldn’t. The procedural mesh stuff was revised at some point, and with it you could. Just not in an hour…

Well, poo.

I suppose I have to do it pre-runtime then. Make so many premade random heightmaps? I can use a premade heightmap to create a landscape during runtime, yes? Please don’t say no!


Can’t be created at runtime. It’s pre existing as in a regular level.

Otherwise just use the procedural mesh component to create a procedural system…