Dynamic Substance Materials are not working as expected

After struggling for many days on this, I am desperate for answers and out of ideas (and I tried a LOT of variations with zero success).

I am trying to loop through a few Static Mesh Components, assigning each their own Material Instance Dynamic using a duplicated Substance Graph Instance

The blueprint below results in all three meshes getting the same material output (the last one set). All meshes are obviously sharing the same Substance Graph Instance somehow despite clearly creating new ones and configuring the outputs “properly” on each iteration.

My substance factory is set to load synchronously, as you can see here:

Out of curiosity, I tried manually copy-and-pasting the graph instances in the content browser and explicitly setting them in the blueprint on each iteration. Doing this, everything works perfectly. All three meshes get their individual material outputs.

Please tell me someone has encountered this issue and can shed some light for me.

I accidentally forgot to add a material connection, but that’s not the issue. here it my corrected screenshot

Disclaimer: I do noot have Xperience with Substance or it’s Unreal Plugin. I can only guess based on your code.
Are this 3 different Instances?
In Case they are, I guess you would have to change the Factory Input based on the Index.