Dynamic Street Name Signs (with name generator)

Need to quickly incorporate street name signs with your level? You can utilize this easy to use actor blueprint which contains 4 different configurations of street signs. Simply pick your sign configuration, name your cross streets or have them automatically generated from over 40,000+ names, pick a sign mesh and the blueprint takes care of the rest. You also have the options to adjust sign and text color, sign height or add a logo to the sign.

yes def!!!

Very cool!

Great idea, nice work!

This would be great if you extended it to generic signage as well. Have some sort of red bordered warning sign and let the user fill in the body of it. “Beware of flaming tacos” or whatever.

I am very interested in this :slight_smile:

If only there as a sign to warn me of flaming tacos, my life may have gone a different way. People need to be warned of such things.

lmao +1…

Hi Folks,

Quick update, our submission was denied for now with the request that we add more street sign types to choose from, completely understandable. We’ll get around to it eventually and resubmit. Thanks to those who expressed interest!

very cool idea though! :slight_smile:

You should also add things like Highway exit signs, or any other kind of sign that has lots of street/city names.

Will be looking forward to this update and release

Looks simple and cool!

Hi folks, I’ve finally gotten around to updating this. You can now pick between different sign meshes, add a logo to the sign, adjust sign, text and logo color. Here is an updated video as well showing the new features. I’ll be adding a few more sign meshes to the package and improving the textures to finish it up.

This has passed reviews and I’m now awaiting a release date. I’ll also post an updated video soon to show the latest version and it’s features.

Just beautiful! I’m all over this on release. Great work

Hi Everyone,

The street signs have been released on the marketplace this week, enjoy!

i think i can use this with high way roads , nice work