Dynamic spawned actor doesn't collide with dynamic spawned level

Hi everybody! I am spawning dynamically my level, players and AI. Now i am trying to spawn objects over the navmesh (wheelchairs, stretchers, medical stuff) using simulated physics, but they doesn’t collide with my level. Probably is something easy to solve, but I don’t have any clue from where to start looking… :’(

Well the first location you should take a look at is the components tab. You can check out all properties of the components and your root or mesh or whatever you want to have the actual collision and look in the collisions tab there.

Hi Sanson,

There is currently issues with the way ‘Using Complex Collision as Simple’ interacts with physics objects. Our developers are aware of the issue and are looking into it.

I suggest creating your own custom collision. You can do this in either a 3D modeling program or through the Collision drop down menu in the Static Mesh Editor. The Using Complex as Simple Collision setting is quite expensive because it is a per-poly collision method. I would only suggest using it in moderation.