Dynamic Snow on a Character

Hi guys!

I’m wrapping up this project.
I added some options so you can add a heat map, options to control tessellation better and desaturation of the skin.

Latest development video



Main Goals

  • 2 Parameters that can adjust which snow type and wind intensity it is.
  • Snow particles coming from the character as well if the wind blows hard enough.
  • Snow shader that is controllable in editor and play.
  • Realistic snow particles controllable in editor and play.
  • Making sure the wind types and snow types blend nicely

If you guys have any feedback or think you can help, definitely comment!


First development Video


Current problem: snow needs to be more fluffy and tessellation works but is too rough.

Second development Video


Current problem: snow needs to be more fluffy and tessellation works but is too rough.
If anyone can help me out with this, you can always comment below!

People that want to know more about these parameters and what they are going to do:

Nice work! Will you be releasing a project or somethin’?

Thank you, Maybe when I’m done but will keep you updated!

A small update on the snow material, still needs some tweaking.
Video will follow soon with more!

These are all the snow particles that will be created for all the snow types and wind types

Hi there!

I made all the snow particles that get a influence from wind types.
I do have to apologize that the video might be laggy but I don’t have the best laptop to record videos while running The Unreal Engine.

More will follow!

Hi guys!

Sorry for not posting for a while!
I have been very busy with some school work and wasn’t able to work on it for a while.

but I am planning on finishing it somewhere next week!

Here is a update on the looks of the viewport.

Side note: Taking a new approach to the snow since my other method didn’t give me the results that I wanted.

Hi guys,

I drafter the new material and need to finalize a few things.



Here also a view of how I currently control the wind/snow particles

Hi guys!

Getting close to finishing this project.

Everything is in scene and working now the only thing left to do is play with some values to get the right results!

Neat, nice job

Hi guys,

I’m wrapping up this project!

it contains the function to use a heat map and gets the snow mask from the normal and height of the base material instead of the basecolor.


when snow starts to pile up the skin gets a blue tint

The function to use the heat map

The tessellation starts to pile up between rocks and fills the rest in over time

Excellent work and thanks for sharing the details.

Hi gentlemen, can you share this blue print to me? I desire to get this example.

Sorry for the late reply, I have been quite busy lately. I might post it later on the market place or a breakdown that is a bit more in depth then the current one.