Dynamic Snow Game Environment


I’ve been collaborating with a buddy of mine in order to create a full playable Dynamic Snow Game Environment. We’re both university students at CSU Chico studying Computer Animation and Game Development. We’ll be graduating this month!

As the name states, it’s an environment where snow will dynamically build up and melt. As it currently stands, I have the dynamic snow buildup working as well as the weather picking up with it. There are still quite a few things I’m working on such as having the snow build up properly on any asset and a masking system so there can be realistic movement through snow. All in all, there’s still a lot to do!

In this demo, I’m showing off the system using sequencer, but, it’s fully functional in gameplay. I also disabled sounds since it sounded odd sped up.

Dylan Amos (myself):
-Dynamic Snow System
-Material Management
-Landscape Materials
-Game Optimization
-UI (Menu/Options/HUD)
-Sounds (Ambience, assets)
-Landscape sculpting and painting

Luke Neubaum (the buddy)
-Characters (The robots)
-Landscape (World Machine)

-Lighting managment
-Asset placement

-Ultra Dynamic Sky (Using this until I get around creating my own)

Pretty cool!

Does it have a significant impact on FPS? Meaning, to what extent can it be applicable to game projects.

He was talking about it on the subreddit, and said it only seemed to have a 2-3 frame variation. I think though that’s obviously going to vary per project, as not every implementation is likely to be identical.

OP, any thoughts on releasing the material going forward? Marketplace or otherwise?

Thanks ! And as pbarnhardt stated, it’s currently around a 2-3 frame drop as the snow is building up.

That said, I’m creating this dynamic snow system with ease of use, heavy gameplay, and to be used with anything in mind. So as I’m building up the system, I’m optimizing and streamlining it. As I currently have it, I’d easily be able to open up any project, plug in the material functions, set up a few parameters, and it’d work like a charm.

As for releasing the system, it’s definitely something I want to do. However, there’s still a lot that needs to be done so I’m not sure when I’ll be able to.

Would definitly buy this as I’m not nearly smart enough to try to figure out how to do this in my own projects :slight_smile: