Dynamic skill system where, how, is it even possible?

is there like no tutorials/guides/videos on how to do it?
Is it even possible?

I am astonished it’s not more talked about dynamic skill system. I did research and it seems UE4 doesn’t have power to make it happen, there is no real ways to do it…so basically, all you can do is just some silly hack’n slash type of game which I dislike a lot.
Just simple damage and healing skills, with on hit or aoe, melee or range…maybe even dot or hot. That’s about it what I can do.

It makes me sad, it makes me even more sad there is no more talk about it because it means people don’t care about skilled gameplay, just hack n’ slash with damage modifiers and dodge (which isn’t even dodge in traditional way, like skill that gives you x% to dodge for x amount of seconds…on yourself, or skill casted on an ally) animation witcher 3 style.
Why there is no support to make skill system like Guild Wars 1 has?

…and so on. I am surprised that the skill system made in 2005 can’t be created or isn’t supported or documented in Unreal Engine 4. Very, very surprised of the lack of dynamic skill system…or just skill system itself.
Will it ever come? It is being worked on? How far till release? Any info?

When you say skill system im thinking of a skill tree correct me if im wrong.

I have never heard of guild war 1 so i dont know what their skill trees are like but on the unreal marketplace there is a dynamic skill tree. So i think you can make them but skill trees take a lot of time to make so that probably why there are no tutorials for them.

If you are referring to an action bar with X amount of spells on it which can be used for different attacks then that is do able as well.

no no, not tree skill, just bunch of skills you can pick to your liking :slight_smile: tho they are more complex then just “do damage and heal for x amount”

There is also no health system, that takes into account the amount of health your monster has and a system to deal with what to do with that health if it happens to be damaged or consumes a healing potion.

What you can do is make a health system, though. Even give the monster a variable called Health that keeps track of its own personal health value. You can even make a Healing Potion that when used gives the user more health.

However, what you are saying is correct. There are not a bunch of skills that you can pick to your liking just laying around in the system. I didn’t let that stop me, though. I saw that there was nothing for my character to be able to teleport and use up a small bit of stamina while doing it, so I popped in a few blueprint nodes on an event graph, made a couple of functions and suddenly my character could teleport AND use a little bit of stamina to boot. I even got them to cast a simple healing spell that restored a small bit of health to them, I had to kind of assemble the nodes for that as well… :confused:

I suggest you take more time to learn the Engine. The Guild Wars skill system could be easily recreated in UE4. Building out the different skills and balancing them would be the harder part. UE4 is designed to cover a wide range of possibilities so I don’t think you will ever see a built in skill system. It’s up to you to create it.