Dynamic Shadows Question

Hello, i am working on an AR Project and i would like to know if there is any possibility to realise a dynamically movable light (sun) and the resulting shadow on mobile. We would like to reproduce the current sun at our location. this only needs to work on iOS, mainly on iPad Pro if this helps anything.

Thank you in Advance.

Yes i know that it states that this is not possible, i was asking, because i would like know if there is a way around that limitation.

Everything is supported. The only question is whether it’s performant, and the docs are old enough that you won’t find the answer there.

The best bet is just to try things. You’ll find a niche where you get the performance and features you want.

There is no problem with this at all, you can use the SunPositioner plugin and update it via blueprints on app launch. I don’t know why the mobile docs say that shadows are not supported from a movable directional light, it works perfectly fine.…ner/index.html